Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nursery daydreams

Ahhhh one of the many downsides of living in a one bedroom flat.... no real space, and certainly no nursery to be decorating! Oh the irony of being a muralist for kid's rooms and nurseries... and not being able to do one of my own!

Not to worry, I'm quite merrily offsetting this unfortunate set of circumstances by ogling the nursery decor of others... some personal favourites:

The colours in this French designers' nursery (in particular the blue cot) make me all warm and fuzzy - courtesy of Design Sponge.

And following on with the blue theme, this pretty little number from Me and Wee's lovely blog makes gorgeous use of a pale blue with sunny yellow accents:

Loving the use she's made of some embroidery hoops and fun fabric there on the wall....

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