Thursday, March 5, 2009


Been a while, wouldn't you say? I'd like to be able to say I've been frantically busy, but the truth is I've been ridiculously lazy :)

I guess chooks are as good a place as any to pick it up from! I never did get around to reveal the chickens that were coming....
Meet the residents of my chicken coop:

Made out of vintage fabric (but of course), these little guys will steadfastly hold your doors back with bravery and determination not seen since the great chicken wars. OK, so they just sit there. They're useful little doorstops though!

Filled with rice, these guys are still kind of the prototypes... planning on refining the design and having zips in them so they can be sold "flat-packed" (posting something full of rice aint cheap!)

Door mice and some snakes to keep out draughts are on the cards also... stay tuned!

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