Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I need to add "large trees" to my property wishlist

Oh my. "Sorry kids, this is mummy and daddy's."

Critters are coming...

.... well, chickens, snakes and mice specifically...

*skulks away cryptically*

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The bauble fairy came!

I nearly forgot to mention! I opened a xmas present from a lovely lady at my work, and what gorgeous wee thing should be inside but this!She'd seen me lusting after it and putting up the post about it below..... and got it for me, bless 'er!


No words needed

Ok, maybe one. WANT.

Lovely choons

My friend Maria Byrne will be putting out an EP soon this year - check her out on myspace here .... she's fabulous!

I've been taking photos for her and sorting out graphics like the one above for her site - of course, once she's famous I'll shamelessly ride along on her coat-tails and be drinking champagne in the VIP sections of the world in return :)


Ahhh... bit of a wee gap in the posts there... I'm putting it down to a well earned new year's blogging holiday after my strenuous and exhausting 35 posts to date :)

So! what can I tell you.... Xmas was lovely - we had Ben's family all over to London for what will be our last Xmas with them for a little while. Given that our house just aint big enough, we rented one in South London that would sleep the 10 of us. Cue much drinking, eating and merriment with Ben's mum & partner, brother, sister & boyfriend, sister-in-law and two nephews!

Xmas evening we had Ben's uncle, grandma and 3 cousins over... and boxing day we had Kofi's family over as well! Mucho full house...

Here we all are just before we all left

And yes, it was as bloody cold as it looks!

Sickness reigned supreme in our house between Xmas and NYE though, so lots of lying about feeling sorry for ourselves and not much celebrating on New Years itself.. I thought I'd make the most of being sober though and popped down to the river for some photos of the fireworks... this one's my favourite

What does 2009 hold for us? Making the most of ol' London town prior to leaving later in the year is pretty high on my list. It's amazing how many things you can never get around to doing!

Bags and other goodies shall of course feature greatly... I've spent January stocking up on some rather fab vintage fabric and planning some new designs and other fun stuff!

All in all, I think 2009 is shaping up to be a fine year, a damn fine year indeed.