Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My brother Allan

Today is the 9th anniversary of us losing my brother Allan. I find it hard to believe that so much time has passed - I still miss him loads, and can't help but think of what he would be like now.

My sister Monique has put together this collage on her blog, and I hope she doesn't mind me reposting it here:

I thought I'd also add in a couple of my favourite photos of Allan too

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Om nom nom nom

Today I have been mostly dreaming of food:

Spinach and feta pies with toasted pine nuts from the Times Online

Christmas Pie from BBC Good Food (it's like a christmas roast dinner in a pie. Oh my.)

Mustard-stuffed chicken from BBC Good Food

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cushions for your tush(ions)

Thought I'd branch out a little for this weekend's market at Brixton:

14" x 14" microfibre cushions - zip closures, vintage patterned material and some rather nice grey vintage suit fabric

More to follow!

I think I have a Scrabble obsession

Currently tickling my fancy:

Scrabble Rug! I would of course need a full complement of oversized letters to match....

Or, how about this clock from Etsy seller 2cheekymonkeys?

I think this has all been brought on by my wonderful gift I recieved from my sister - a necklace with interchangeable pendants made from scrabble tiles! Fabulous! I'll have to take some photos of them to post....... thanks Neek!


Cute idea for the fireplace-deprived amongst us

From Living Etc - a cute idea for a makeshift mantlepiece type thingy:

Can you tell I'm starting to feel festive?

As this will be our last Christmas in London for the next few years, we're having Ben's family all over for a few days... not to our house (not big enough!) but to a rental house we found in South London big enough to sleep all of us.... can't wait!

Then for next Xmas, we'll get to spend it with my family in Sydney - a sunny Xmas will be a first for Ben, and it'll be 6 years since my last one with my family - long overdue!

Ho ho ho

I heart these, big time!

Awww... getting all a bit wistful about leaving London and came across these li'l babies

might have to get me some!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Local Market @ Brixton

Brixton Arts & Crafts Market is a new market that is only about a mile from my house - very convenient! Thought I'd give it a whirl last week - not too bad... it wasn't hugely busy, but I still managed to do pretty well.

A great mood and environment though - Brixton's got such an interesting history and is colourful and diverse. Fantastic for people-watching too - some right nutters about!

Had a good day - made some dosh and met some lovely people too. The talented and lovely Jasmine Mercer was next door to me with some beautiful paintings and cards - check out some of her stuff on her website.... we finished up with a sneaky couple of red wines together behind our stalls in the VERY chilly late afternoon.... !

I've booked in for their next stall on the 21st, and am hoping to be able to do Portobello Market on the 20th... !

Thursday, December 11, 2008

House Porn

Today's drool-worthy house tour - a ranch in Sonoma by Walker-Warner Architects:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun fashion frolics!!

Check this site out - hours of fun!!

You can put together looks from all the online sites they pull images from.. you can also upload your own pictures and bring them all together in little fashion "mood boards"... brilliant! Great for browsing other people's efforts as well... here's some early favourites...

by anicaaa

by watching.clouds

by joostyna

by anuska

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold days = hot food

Comfort food at its very best... vege shepherd's pie with sweet potatoes..... yum!

Recipe here

Annnnnd a few more bags....

Things have been a little quiet on the bloggery front, no? Thought I'd kickstart it a bit with a few bags that have been lurking about unlisted and un-blogged...

Now these pretty li'l "Monique" totes are well and truly up-cycled!! They started life as a pair of long curtains owned by the lovely Zoe at my work... she then donated them to me when I was redecorating my Mother-in-law's kitchen, and I made them into some short kitchen curtains for her:

Their next incarnation is two lovely big totes with dusky rose coloured cotton trim (and I've still got loads of fabric left!).

The ones below were also curtains (I do love a good curtain) and are what I'm calling Mini-Moniques (or Neeks!). Same style, just a little smaller for everyday handbag usage...

This one below's just HUGE. All-your-gym-stuff-your-lunch-and-maybe-a-small-child kind of huge.

The fabric in the one below has been my favourite thus far... so much fun! Unfortunately there just wasn't that much of it... enough for one big tote (now winging its way to the lovely Mrs Halpin) and three Mini-Moniques!

One might have to live with me, I think...

And last but not least, am quite taken with this wee little fella too. Very autumnal

I'm currently working on some new designs, so hopefully some more updates soon!