Monday, November 10, 2008

Ahh Surrey you pretty li'l thing

Given that my darling 'ubby comes from Surrey, we've spent quite a lot of time there in the last 5 years or so.. I really do love the place. It's so green, with the little villages and winding roads that come to mind when I think of England.. and at the moment it's all about a million shades of autumn too... beautiful!

I'm going to have to go for a drive and take some photos this weekend, I think..before all the leaves disappear.. in the meantime you can see a little of it in my photos of yesterday:

A bunch of us had a pub lunch in a gorgeous spot near Abinger Common.. very cute area! It was getting a bit dark by the time I took these photos, so I don't think they really do the colours justice....

It was also a chance to say goodbye to our friends Matt, Tati and Baf (the dog!) who fly out to Tati's native Brazil on Friday...

But! Ben and I should be seeing them though in our travels heading back to Australia next year, by the looks of it! South and Central America is looking more and more likely... stay tuned for updates!

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