Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun use of space

I've noticed a bit of a theme in posts and references I've been saving to share... besides staircases & bookcases (which is quite frankly getting out of hand).. there's lots fun use of space! Here's some of my favourites that fill up a space beautifully:

Loving this - I'd forgo a lounge room for this, I think! Either one, actually! They're from Terence Conran's The House Book, 1974.

Fun, huh?!? How about some of these for fab dining and living:

And finally, loving the way these are built in and are a suprisingly stylish take on the good ol' bunk bed:

I think I'm developing a built-in obsession!

1 comment:

Neek said...

can you come and build your neice the white bunks please! I want those in her room!!!