Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bring on the totes!

The second in what will be a looooong line of beautiful "Moniques" - (and yes Neek, that's starting with the real one!) this one is actually my secret favourite so far.
This fabulous fabric began life as lighter weight cotton kitchen curtains from the good old 70's (you could probably tell from those colours!). SUCH a brilliant mix of 70's colours and fantastic pattern - this one is not only fully lined and interfaced, but it has an extra layer of thin wadding to make it softer yet sturdier.

I'll be starting to upload the bags to tomorrow - you'll find my shop here once it's got some items in it! It'll be interesting to see if this one actually makes it up - verrrrry tempted to give it a home in my wardrobe.
If you haven't been to the gorgeous wonder that is Etsy, go have a look - some of the best independent designers, crafters and artisans you'll ever find in one place!

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Neek said...

ahhh yes I think you stole mum's curtains didn't you? I am sure they featured throughout our house as a kid! OR was it in this bloody house I live in when I moved in here....... hmmm - I can see this in your wardrobe! SO YOU!! :) :)