Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Ditty!

OK, this one's not really up for sale (in the shop, anyway...!) its a special one for a lovely lady at work.. thought you might like to see it though!

Ahhhh... pink and green... two of my favourites!

Two more "Monique" totes went into the Etsy shop today! Quite chuffed with these two patterns - one was a set of curtains, one was a dusty old piece of unused fabric!

Hmmm... quite partial to that pink and brown one actually! Luckily, there's enough fabric left over to make a few more bits n pieces... so stay tuned!

I might even steal some kids to put in it

Oooooooooh looky here!! I want one soooooooo bad! Granted, kids are a little thin on the ground around our house yet (read : none) but it never hurts to be prepared!

I've spent the last couple of years riding my bike to work on and off and have really loved it - I'm quite keen to continue with the whole cycling bug once we create some mini-me's!

It's called a Trikidoo and I would like one very very very much.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Now for the handbags!

I've taken a break from the "Monique" totes to come up with my next style.... drumroll please..... I give you the "Ditty"! Now this one's named after that darling mum of mine - I figure she has quite a lot in common with it - compact yet practial and fits under your arm :)

I'm still finalising the final style for these, but they've got a good sized roomy pleated bag, with contrasting yoke and comfy single strap. They close with a magnetic snap, and are interfaced, lined and lightly padded for volume.

Cute wee things, they are.. just like me dear ol' ma :)


You really should go have a peek at Dream a Little's Etsy shop here for her gorgeous little bugs! I want them hidden in my plants and all over my house!!

Fun use of space

I've noticed a bit of a theme in posts and references I've been saving to share... besides staircases & bookcases (which is quite frankly getting out of hand).. there's lots fun use of space! Here's some of my favourites that fill up a space beautifully:

Loving this - I'd forgo a lounge room for this, I think! Either one, actually! They're from Terence Conran's The House Book, 1974.

Fun, huh?!? How about some of these for fab dining and living:

And finally, loving the way these are built in and are a suprisingly stylish take on the good ol' bunk bed:

I think I'm developing a built-in obsession!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good things come in threes...

How about another "Monique" tote just for good measure? This one's a mix of recycled woven dusky blue fabric and Amy Butler's Peony fabric (pretty, huh?).

Like the yellow one, this tote has been fully lined, interfaced and layered with wadding... and in theory should be up in my Etsy shop as of tomorrow!

Bring on the totes!

The second in what will be a looooong line of beautiful "Moniques" - (and yes Neek, that's starting with the real one!) this one is actually my secret favourite so far.
This fabulous fabric began life as lighter weight cotton kitchen curtains from the good old 70's (you could probably tell from those colours!). SUCH a brilliant mix of 70's colours and fantastic pattern - this one is not only fully lined and interfaced, but it has an extra layer of thin wadding to make it softer yet sturdier.

I'll be starting to upload the bags to tomorrow - you'll find my shop here once it's got some items in it! It'll be interesting to see if this one actually makes it up - verrrrry tempted to give it a home in my wardrobe.
If you haven't been to the gorgeous wonder that is Etsy, go have a look - some of the best independent designers, crafters and artisans you'll ever find in one place!

Kitty Kingdom

Now, I don't own a cat. I certainly don't own several. I also don't own a house. None of this has stopped me from thinking that this is such an adorably pet friendly house that I might need to bookmark it for some time down the track when I have all of the above!!

Asahi Kasei’s Plus-Nyan house is designed for a world where a house can also be a kitty gymnasium! Check it out!

Tunnels! It's got cat tunnels into different rooms! I want a little human sized one.. although, Concepts Interior Design clearly had the same idea for the kids:

Granted, the cat house is a little OTT. But come visit me in a couple of years - I'm. Having. One. Of. These.

Monique Totes

Oooh look at that - three posts already!

Here's the tote that started it all - since making a few more I've had great feedback and will be keeping this design in my range!

The style is called "Monique" after my sister (hi Neek!) and is a very roomy 18" x 17". It features 24" double handles (sits beautifully under your arm!) and has two decorative pleats on the front. It's fully lined, interfaced for strength, and closes with a contrast flap and magnetic snap closure.

This gorgeous pink and maroon version started its life as a rather fetching pair of 1970's curtains. Watch out for some more styles in this fabric because I was lucky to find two full length curtains in perfect condition!!

Isn't she gorgeous? OK, I'm a bit biased :)

What bags?

I'm glad you asked! In the next couple of weeks Harland Bags will be making their debut online, at and at London's famous Portobello market!

Handmade from vintage or recycled fabric, I've been having a ball making these little babies and can't wait to set them loose on the world. This all began with a gorgeously loud 1970's unloved curtain that is now enjoying its second life as a fabulous tote bag. Since then I've been scouring London and the internet for more fabrics just begging to be dusted off and made glamorous once more.

Photos to follow!


I seem to have problems remembering to update my blogs.. so I thought the best thing to do is create a super consolidated one that has a bit of everything in it... what I'm up to, what I've been making (stay tuned for some new bags!) and things I've spotted that I've fallen stupidly head over heels in love with.

Of course, this just runs the risk of fading, neglected into oblivion as I once again forget to update the poor thing and leave it gasping for content out in the ether somewhere... but!! I shall do my best and will see how I go.

Onward ho!